Lydia: towards a revolution in banking services?


What if we could send money to each other via our numbers? This is the bet that the Lydia application has won for more than 2 years! But the new unicorn of banking services does not want to stop there, it now wants to grow into a “super app” of financial services and become nothing more or less than the future of banking transactions. In his sights? International, starting with Spain and the field of split payment, the highlight of its offers for the year 2022.

The banking revolution

The select club of unicorns in France has just welcomed a new member: Lydia! No less than 91 million euros have just been raised by the fintech, from its existing investors, to value the company at more than 1 billion dollars. After the two successive liftings of 112 million euros last year, this new boost propels it a little more to the forefront of the world financial scene.

Among students, it is the favorite app! It now claims nearly 5.5 million users and is aiming for no less than 10 million in the near future. The Spanish market should lead her to these higher echelons and then internationally. No need to hang around Casino777 slot machines , Lydia will be able to count on its future subscribers to grow even more! The high-level digital application intends to reach the greatest number of consumers to manage all their banking services.

The champion of fintech in Europe

The new French unicorn, a company in the hyper-growth phase in 2020 and in full financial expansion in 2021, should flood the international market during the year 2022. If Spain remains the priority target, Ireland and Portugal should soon follow suit. Its official objective is to become the benchmark super-app in Europe for financial services. It is on the Tencent model, a world-leading fintech, that Lydia will be based.

The Chinese giant, which regularly manages billions of transactions through the We Chat Pay application, is taken as an example to follow for those who one day want to look like the juggernaut in the middle. It is also from him that the latest fundraising comes in part. After investing in several finance-related companies over the past five years, this is the first time that Tencent has turned to a French company in the sector.

Their faith in technology is unshakeable and their desire to make the daily lives of Internet users easier by considerably facilitating their access to banking services is great. Tencent arises there, in support of Lydia to promote and encourage ever more the cashless evolution of Europe which is lagging behind the Chinese giant. Financial services on mobile therefore have more than the wind in their sails, they are literally carried and seem well launched to flood Europe very soon. All you have to do is download the application and let yourself be guided into this world of financial simplicity.

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