Emergency funds: Why it matters in the savings account


You all know about the savings account. But do you know what the emergency funds are? How does it matters in case of savings bank account?

In this article, we are going to tell you about the meaning of emergency funds and how to build emergency funds. To know the purpose of emergency funds in the savings account, read the complete article.

What is an emergency fund?

An emergency fund is the bank account in which the money is set aside to pay for unexpected and the significant expenses, such as

  • Major car fixes
  • Unforeseen medical expenses
  • Home appliance replacement and repair
  • Unemployment

Why you need the emergency funds 

Emergency funds can produce the financial buffer that can keep you afloat in the period of requirements without the need to rely on high-interest loans and credit cards. So it is essential to have emergency funds if you are in debt because it helps you avoid borrowing more money.

Where to put the emergency funds

  • A savings account with ease of access and high-interest rate

As we know that an emergency can occur at any time, so having quick access to cash is essential. So it is suggested not to put all your money in long-term investment funds.

  • High yield savings account

A high-yield savings account is an excellent place to store your money. It is federally insured to the depositor, so it is safe. It is known as the   The best thing about this account is that you can quickly access your cash when you require the withdrawal and fund transfer.

How to build the emergency funds?

1. Calculate the total that you want to use

It is suggested to use the emergency savings calculator if you want to figure out the total expenses on the half year basis (6 Months).

2. Set the savings goal monthly

Once you set the savings goals, then you can control your expenses and make a habit of regular savings. One of the ways to do this is to transfer all funds automatically into the savings account once you have paid.

3. Move the money into a savings account

If your employer provides the direct deposit, then there is a great chance they can divide your paycheck between the savings account and  multiple checking accounts, so you take care of the monthly savings goals.

4. Keep the change

5. Adjust and assess contributions 

Check-in from time to time to determine how much you are depositing in savings and adjust if required, especially when you make the frequent withdrawals from the emergency funds.


This article consists of all the details that illustrate what role the emergency funds play in the savings account. The article directly tell us the importance of saving in today’s world.

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