Kavan Choksi Speaks About Shared Property Ownership In Dubai


Real estate values have increased in 2022, and investors in Dubai have discovered that shared properties offer them a lucrative source of income. In fact, business experts believe that they are more profitable than income gains from one property and have become highly popular amongst investors in the region.

Shared Property Ownership

Kavan Choksi throws light on this trend that is popular in Dubai  

Business and finance expert Kavan Choksi believes that shared properties have the scope to generate more income, as the property value will not accelerate much in the forthcoming months.

Credible sources from the real estate industry state that they constitute one out of ten of the property that a company sells. If an investor wishes to withdraw, he can do so by selling the shares without affecting the property rights of the rest of the three in any circumstance.

What are the key advantages of fractional ownership property sharing? 

An esteemed developer company is presently in the advanced phases of construction and its handover in MBR City for its Riviera Project. This company has made many fractional ownership property sales that is currently a popular option for commercial retail units.

Get more returns from your investments 

There are other developers in the region that are recognizing the income potential of fractional ownership advantages. This choice is left to the property investors to select how they are willing to participate. Last year, Dubai began to issue numerous documents for a single property, and since then, there have been auctions conducted locally for selling one “share” in these properties.

The current status of the real estate market in Dubai 

The real estate market in Dubai has been booming since 2021. The reason for this boom is due to purchases made by the end-user and foreign investors who are choosing this city for their primary or secondary residences. This is why the real estate market in the region is becoming a luxury arena with high demands.

Indirect exposure to the real estate industry 

In the middle of this all, real estate investors have collected their resources to buy properties with an indirect exposure method that has helped them to acquire apartments at The Business Bay, Downtown, and the Dubai Marina.

Real estate investments versus cryptocurrencies 

Investments in real estate offer higher returns than alternate assets like cryptocurrencies in the current environment. Several investors are not switching over to real estate in Dubai to purchase a complete unit or a part of one.

Using the right timing in the market for making your investments in real estate 

According to business and finance expert Kavan Choksi, it is challenging for one to time the market correctly as an investor. What one needs to determine is how long one wishes to remain in the market.

He suggests that one should create a robust plan for investment and make a portfolio that endures the different market scenarios successfully. He recommends that one should invest in uncorrelated assets to gain optimal profits.

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