Paul Favret Talks About Why Solar Energy is Becoming Popular


Coal, natural gas, and petroleum are the most widely used forms of energy. Unfortunately, they are non-renewable sources. Moreover, these sources have done a lot of harm to the environment. They have a huge role to play in the widespread destruction of natural habitats. In this alarming situation, finding alternate sources of energy becomes extremely important.  Paul Favret  mentions that solar energy is one of the prime alternate energy sources that are becoming exceedingly popular in many parts of the world.

Energy is Becoming Popular

Paul Favret talks about the reasons contributing to the popularity of solar energy

Solar energy has come a long way over the decade. Way back in 2010, the global market for solar energy was small and highly dependent on certain subsidy regimes. However, in 2020, there were more than 115 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed across the world. Solar power is becoming more budget friendly with time. It is especially suited for the sunnier parts of the world.

One of the biggest reasons why people are switching to solar energy is because it is better for the environment. Every environmentally conscious person would want to keep their carbon footprints in check. Unfortunately, volunteering to protect rainforests or taking part in plastic recycling initiatives is not feasible for all. Installing solar power at their home can be a practical way to put eco-friendly aspirations into action. Powering a home through solar energy can be q pretty simple process.

Solar power basically is generated through photovoltaic technology. It is a natural, renewable, and clean energy source. Solar power does not involve the burning of any fossil fuels. Nor does it cause the emission of greenhouse gasses that contribute to the climate change crisis. Paul Favret mentions that by using solar energy, people can do their bit in protecting the environment.

Apart from the environmental concerns, another great reason to use solar power is to save money. No one likes to receive a long utility bill at the end of each more. However, conventional energy costs are skyrocketing across countries. These prices are projected to continue to rise. Hence, it makes sense to explore a more financially-sound alternative like solar power. Traditionally, solar panels used to be pretty expensive, and therefore not many were able to afford them. However, advances in manufacturing technology and a glut in the market have changed the scenario quite a bit. Residential solar energy systems available today are more affordable than before. Even though the initial costs of the solar energy system are still expensive, one can consider it to be a long term-investment. According to experts, solar power systems pay for themselves in five years or so. They can additionally save people thousands of dollars in power bills in the long run.

Unlike many other renewable energy resources like windmills, solar panels are relatively easy to maintain. They do not have moving parts as such. Hence, solar power panels are unlikely to experience a frequent malfunction or wear and tear. High-performance solar panels even have the capacity to operate efficiently when they are dirty.

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