Earning money

Earning money with a blog: is it long

145 ViewsIf you want to become a blogger, you should certainly think first, when creating your blog, how long it will take for you to earn your first euros. But good news! If you are focused and determined, you can make money with a blog after a year, and sometimes even less! In this article, […]

financial investments

Top 3 financial investments to favor in 2022

133 ViewsA financial investment consists of placing money in a financial transaction for a certain period of time with a view to enjoying potential gain. In this regard, there are many ways to invest your savings today. The question that constantly comes up is: which financial investment to choose? Here is a list of 3 […]

recovery procedures

Debt recovery procedures

139 ViewsA natural person owes you a large sum and does not respond to your reminders. You then wonder what to do to arrive at debt collection. The text below tells you the essentials of what you need to know about the solutions to be used. efore legal action: amicable action. If you think that […]

get rich

Can you get rich with collectibles?

127 ViewsNot all coins are worth the value that is written on them. A 2 euro coin can be worth a hundred or even a thousand euros when it is put up for sale. But, what kind of room is it exactly? What is the coin that can change the life of the person who […]