Can you get rich with collectibles?


Not all coins are worth the value that is written on them. A 2 euro coin can be worth a hundred or even a thousand euros when it is put up for sale. But, what kind of room is it exactly? What is the coin that can change the life of the person who holds it? This article will tell us more about these issues.

How to recognize a collector’s item?

We recognize a collector’s item when it is very rare . This rarity results from a very limited edition of the piece. The most sought after coins on the market are mainly gold coins and silver coins. Other coins that are made from other types of metal really have no market value. However, they can still be collected for fun by making history. As we speak, the rarest euro coins are the 2 euro coins displaying the picture of the Monegasque princess. Indeed, this piece was published in only 20,000 copies. This coin was put on the financial market in 2007.

Where can you sell your collectibles?

You don’t know the value of a collector’s item until you put it up for sale. There are several sites that buy and sell collectibles. Each site has a specific sales system. Typically, collectibles are auctioned off . Apart from the online sales option, there is also the traditional sales system. In this case, collector coin holders hire an auctioneer in their city to estimate the value of their coin. Although this coin estimate is always chargeable with the services of an auctioneer, it may be free on some sites.

At what price to sell his collector’s item?

A 2 euro coin will not be sold for 2 euros. Some of them are worth much more than that. For example, Grace Kelly’s 2 euro coin is worth around 600 euros. Some collectors are ready to buy this piece for more than 2000 euros. And one can imagine the benefit acquired by the collector who has more than one coin of this currency. The Monnaie de Paris is also among the rarest and most expensive coins. This currency published by a French company which bears the same name as the currency itself can be sold for 5000 euros. This is the case of the piece bearing the name of Hercules. It was published in 2,000 copies. Another very rare coin from this French publishing company, there is the Euro 2016 which is worth 500 euros on the market.

In addition, there are also coins with a lower value, but which are once again worth more than their face value. These include the 2 euro coin from Andorra which is worth up to 35 euros.

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